Tech Stories


Blood relations  (In production)

15 min. VR Experiance for Oculus Quest. 

Rolls: Producer, Story & Content, Art direction Ux/UI and Visual artist.

(With DPT Studio, Canada) 

Directed by: Analee Weinberger

Produced by NFB Canada / Genetic Media / Moofa Prodction House


Art Direction
The "Blood Realtion" story is a collage of detailes thea reveals itself throught the 3 chapters of the experiance. It was only natural for the team to chose a visual style to match with the contente.

Alpha test

Testing the onboarding screen, where we decided to have a baby book high abve the hands of the user, for him to reach out to and feel like a child. We also tested the first chapter, where stories appear. The backgrouns will be darkened when a story is chosen. 

Music is still not installed.